Holy smoke Ausdroid readers, Google Assistant can now tell you if it’s smoky in your place!

The latest new smart device to gain integration with Google Assistant’s Smart Home Devices are Smoke Detectors. With the new device traits, OEMS can now program native integration of their smoke detectors with the Assistant.

There’s not a lot the integration can do, there’s no output for instance, all it can currently do is tell you the current smoke level in parts per million and if the smoke level is “high”.

It’s possible that this may be able to be used for some sort of continuous air quality monitoring but that would be more of a hack.

With Nest offering one of the market-leading smoke detectors, it’s actually a bit strange its taken this long for smoke detectors to make it to the list of integrations.

What device type do you want to see integrated with the Assistant? Let us know below.