Ok Aussies, time to get your game on NOW, well actually later this year. NVIDIA has announced that they will officially launch their PC game streaming service in Australia ‘later this year’. The announcement came alongside the news that Turkey and Saudi Arabia will also be getting the service this year.

Details are light at the moment regarding the specific timings, costs and what infrastructure NVIDIA is moving into Australia to keep latency low. However with the GeForce NOW service being well-reviewed elsewhere this exciting news, and officially drops the gauntlet for Google with Stadia and Amazon with Luna.

NVIDIA hasn’t announced any local partners, suggesting that they may be placing their own RTX Servers on Australian soil. With NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW offering a cloud streamed PC experience there is very little development required for existing PC games to run on their service. Meaning, unlike Stadia the games catalogue is huge.

Will you be signing up for raytracing in the cloud?

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Please check your source. They did announce a local partner.