Aussie home grown consumer electronics company, Laser, has today announced its second-generation range of CONNECT SmartHome devices, which comes off the back of its first generation that was launched last year with its popular $10 smart light bulb.

The new products, which the company has stated are a little quirkier, more creative and stylish products that expands the existing indoor range while also taking affordable smart technology outdoors and are according to the company, are ‘very competitively priced.’

CONNECT’s Smart Outdoor lights expanded into vintage style filament lights along with new fairy lights and NEON strip lighting options allow users to create unique environments indoors or outdoors by adorning their home or garden.

The list of new products include:

Smart Lighting – Bulbs

  • CONNECT Smart Filament Amber Globe E27 – RRP $24.95
  • CONNECT Smart Filament Amber Globe E27 ST64 – RRP $24.95
  • CONNECT Smart Filament Smoke E27 G80 – RRP $29.95

Smart Lighting – Indoor/Outdoor

  • CONNECT Smart Fairy Lights 7m RGB – RRP $59.95
  • CONNECT Smart Fairy Lights 15m RGB – RRP $99.95

Smart Security – Outdoor Cameras

  • CONNECT Smart Outdoor Camera with Solar Panel – RRP $199.95
  • CONNECT Smart Wire-free Full HD Security Camera – RRP $149.95
  • CONNECT Smart Wireless Outdoor Camera With Adjustable Floodlight & Solar Panel – RRP $349.95

Smart Security – Indoor Cameras

  • CONNECT Smart Indoor Camera Static V2 – RRP $59.95
  • CONNECT Smart Indoor Camera Pan/Tilt V2 – RRP $79.95

Smart Security – Doorbells

  • CONNECT Smart Video Doorbell V2 White or Black – RRP $149.95

Smart Security – Access

  • CONNECT Smart Deadbolt Biometric: – RRP $249.95

Home & Garden

  • CONNECT Smart Wireless Water Controller – RRP $179.95

Smart Power

  • CONNECT Smart Power Board 4 AC and 2 USB – RRP $49.95
  • CONNECT Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Dual USB and Power Monitoring – RRP $19.95

Chris Lau, Managing Director of Laser and Head of CONNECT SmartHome has stated that:

“Australians have voted with their wallets and shown that they are much more comfortable with smart lighting, security and power than ever before. But they have also shown how price sensitive they are, which makes sense in this economic climate and given the number of smart devices they are seeking for their home at any one time,” and that “With our second generation range we are expanding into areas that people may have not thought could be smart, or otherwise have previously come with a high price tag. As consumers look for new and different ways to integrate smart technology into their lives, we remain committed to driving the category in delivering affordability and accessibility to the Australian smart home.”

The new CONNECT smart range is Google licensed, ensuring no interruptions after updates, and can connect to your existing or new Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa powered smart speakers and smart home network. The range will be available through Harvey Norman stores nationally.