If you signup before 1st March 2021 Optus is offering a huge $54 discount on their $119 Optus One 500GB month to month mobile plan for 12 months.

So for the first 12 months of your month to month agreement with Optus One you would pay $65 and get:

  • 5G/4G/3G Optus network access
  • Monthly shared data for use in Australia: 500GB
  • Standard national talk & text: Unlimited
  • Standard international talk & text:
  • to 35 Selected Destinations from Australia Unlimited
  • Standard roaming calls and SMS for use while overseas: in Zone 1 destinations (subject to change): Unlimited
  • Roaming data for use while overseas in Zone 1 destinations (subject to change): 10GB

After 12 months pricing reverts to the standard plan fee of $119/month.

If you have several family phones or tablets on the same billing account you’ll be gad to know this plan shares data within Australia. The included monthly data allowance will combine into one Data Sharing pool, which will be shared by all the plans that share data on that account.

If you use more than your included data, this plan and all services that share data with this plan will be slowed to a maximum of 1.5Mbps until the start of your next billing period, unless you purchase extra data. Any unused data expires at the end of each billing period. If you don’t want to share data between your services, they will need to be on separate billing accounts. Data is counted in kilobytes, and includes uploads and downloads.

There are no plan cancellation fees. If applicable, you’ll need to pay out any remaining device payments in full and all charges incurred up to the end of the monthly bill cycle in which the service was cancelled.

This plan is available to new and recontracting services and eligible existing customers may change rate plans to this plan.

Note if you’re thinking you’ll put the SIM in a 4G home router, Optus can detect that and it’s against the terms of service which say this plan is for use in mobile phones and tablet devices only. You cannot use the SIM card in other devices like modems.