A new page on Aussie Broadband’s website has popped up showing discounts on NBN 100/20, 100/40, 250/25 and 1000/50 plans.

The promotion drops prices of NBN 100/20 and 100/40 to $89 per month, NBN 250/25 to $99 per month, and 1000/50 to $119 per month. The deals shown below are for existing customers:

This means if you were already on a 100/20 plan, you can double your download speed and then some for no extra cost, or save $10 per month.

New customers are unable to sign up for promotional pricing on 100/40 plans, instead receiving the following offers:

The promotional pricing is available to new and existing customers, subject to availability – the two fastest plans are only available to FTTP and some HFC connections. You can check if these speeds are available in the MyAussie app or web page.

Discounted pricing is set to last for 6 months, and the promotion can be claimed up through the 31st July. Existing customers must have held their plan for three months to receive the discounted pricing.

The discounts come as NBN Co incentivises the higher speed plans for six months, trying to tempt customers to higher speed, more profitable plans so both retailers and the national broadband network operator can increase earnings.

Why? Well, those high speed plans are rarely used at their full speed much of the time, and – like most internet connections – sit pretty well idle for hours on end most days of the week. It’s a good money spinner.

With this discounting on offer, expect to see some other ISPs coming out with deals soon too, so keep an eye out.

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    This article needs to be updated to indicate that existing customers have to upgrade to a higher plan to get the discount.


    From Livechat:
    “It will still show the old prices via MyAussie as the price isn’t an ongoing price, only for 6 months. The discount will show in the invoice.”

    “To easy, you will just need to schedule that plan change for the 14th which is your billing cycle date and should be all good with the discount”


    Can confirm I upgraded to 100/40 @ $109 9 days ago. It switched yesterday and the invoice today has it discounted $20. ie. $89.


    The offer is a joke. You need to be able to upgrade to a higher tier to avail the offer, with ABB anyway. So if you have HFC 100/40 you can take up 250/20 for an extra $10 (usually $30) but if you’ve already upgraded before the offer came out and you’re not in the 7% who can get 1G on HFC then you’re outta luck. But there is a way around….downgrade to a lower plan for 3 months then take the higher plan…


    Not working for me either


    Yeah seems that u need to add the code at the end to get the $10 off but the code hasnt been activated or something


    Since i still haven’t abandoned ABB yet in favor or superloop or FBB, had a look doesn’t work for me (i was on 100/40, got pushed onto 100/20) during their last price hikes. For a company that wants to cut the crap advertising a plan as “nbn™ Home Fast” and just saying typical evening speed is 99mbps without mentioning the actual plan speeds is a little crap, though I can guess that’s the 100/20, others wouldn’t have a clue.


    Does not seem to be working. I click on the “Upgrade via MyAussie” button, but all the available plans are showing at the old price.


    As an existing 1000/50 customer, I can’t get the lower pricing, it seems :-/


    You should at $119 if reading the above is accurate?