Passwords have become an integral part of living a digital life, if you try to rage against them you’ll lose, every time. Not all passwords are created equal, however. By now anyone reading this should know that you need a long, strong and unique password for every site and service, and preferably two-factor authentication turned on as well.

Of course, remembering all of those passwords is impossible for most of us, and while there are many good password vaults Google does provide an integrated, if a bit low frill, password service between Chome and Android. Of course, even long, strong and unique password can be compromised.

This is where Google’s Password Checkup comes in.

By checking your username and password against a list if know data breaches Google has been notified uses on desktop chrome about compromised passwords for some time. Now they are about to roll that out to Android.

if you use Google’s default password manager on Android and use the service to log into a website you will soon receive a notification that your account may be compromised and to change your account. This is useful, practical and happens right when you most need to know about it.

We’re looking forward to testing the service out when it goes live, unfortunately with data breaches becoming more common, we most likely already have a breached account or two.

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Nice service, if all you use on Android is Chrome.
Google needs to be booted up the arse and made to make this service available on ALL browsers on Android.
edit: fix missing.

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