The amount of footage from GoPro cameras that never gets seen is staggering. After the initial excitement of the camera wears off, a huge number of “everyday” users only upload their footage if something extraordinary happens. This hasn’t escaped the attention of the team at GoPro who has now delivered GoPro Quik, the next evolution of their app making it so easy to share your adventures.

At its core, Quik solves the “black hole” problem of your phone’s camera roll and ensures you’ll never lose track of your favorite photos and videos again. The next time you capture that special “keeper” photo or video, you can conveniently share it to the Quik app where it will be added to your own private “Mural” feed within the app.

For those of you who’ve had a GoPro for a while and used the app, you’ll know that there’s plenty of quick edit functions. There are some new features in Quik worth looking at and we’ve had access for a little while now.

Include media that’s not just from your GoPro

One thing that’s a particular delight for editing into your videos now, is the ability to use media from other sources. For many of us, while we’re out and about, you’ll get group photos or still shots on your phone. Better still, if you’re in a group setting you can collate those and make some lovely memories together. If you want to transfer data from SLR camera over, you can even get them into the video.

Making videos is Quik and easy

Creating videos from your footage and photos is so amazingly easy. You select the media you’d like to include in the video and hit the go button. The software will then — within seconds — spit out a rough edit, including a soundtrack that can all easily be tweaked.

The editing options inside the app are plentiful, including:

  • Adjustments to the video: exposure, contrast and colour
  • Adjust the speed of playback to show a long adventure, or slow it down to admire your moves
  • New themes and music are available
  • Quick sharing options: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

On top of that, if you’ve got a killer shot in your video that you want as a profile picture for social media you can extract those picture easily.

You can turn photos into murals

If you’re out and about, sometimes you don’t want to take a GoPro with you to capture the adventure – but there are still memories being made. Mural is a stunning feature that allows users to collect photos from an event and collate them into a single file. Much like the creation of videos, you can source these photos anywhere you like – they just need to be on the device you have the Quik app on to create the mural.

It’s not just for GoPro users and it’s not going to cost the earth

You can download the app and use basic features for free. The GoPro Quik app will replace the previous generation of the GoPro app when you next update. An important note here is that Quik isn’t just for GoPro users, of course, you’ll get greater benefit from it — particularly the subscription — if you have a GoPro you use regularly. But if you’re just after a fast and easy way to edit your adventures into a watchable video including sound and filter options then this is a great option.

I was a bit concerned as to how much the subscription would be, particularly with all of the features that are available in the app. I was expecting at least a $15 per month subscription fee, potentially higher. So I didn’t hesitate in making the decision to subscribe when I read that it’s only US$9.99 per year which includes unlimited cloud backup and original image quality. I spend more on coffee than this costs and frankly, I’ll get a lot more out of the US$9.99 per month. In my eyes, it’s a good investment when it comes to creating great memories of my family adventures.

There’s a lot to this update that will make your GoPro a lot more useful in the future, you’ll likely (I know I have) use a lot more of your footage and add in some of those special photos you capture along the way. Extracting a single frame that captures the magic of a moment is simple too, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.