PC gaming is a wonderful escape, whether you’re into simple games, FPS, sports or high-end simulators. World of Tanks is a free to play shooter that has finally come to the Steam platform. PvP battles just got bigger with a potential for a chunk of the 120 million monthly active Steam users joining the skirmish. This is in addition to the already 160 million registered users on World of Tanks.

World of Tanks offers you the opportunity not just to shoot at moving targets, but also to strategise your way to victory with a huge variety of vehicles to choose from. Each of the vehicles has its own strengths and weaknesses, that can be used to your advantage or exploited by your enemy; making your choice critical to the outcome of your game.

Both Steam and Wargaming staff note their excitement to bring the game and platform together, capturing a whole new market. Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming said:

It is always fantastic to see our game growing and embracing new players, and so I am proud to welcome the Steam community to our tanker family!

World of Tanks has millions of active players around the world and continue to introduce unique armoured warfare across dozens of detailed maps. They’ve released thousands of features, held hundreds of online events and launched 11 nations and now offer over 600 vehicles.

Purely in the name of “testing”, I’ll be firing this up on my gaming PC in the coming days: See you on the battlefield.

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Lmao go look at the reviews for it on Steam first