TicWatch by Mobvoi are some of the best Wear OS around, and with the flagship WicWatch Pro 3 they offer what is considered the best Wear OS device ever made. Today they sent out a tease ‘We are presenting something great’ with the words coming soon forming the outline of a Smartwatch.

While there is no guarantee that this is hardware it would be a bit of a marketing fail if this was a software-only announcement. With Mobvoi going from strength to strength in the Smartwatch market we are interested in any new device they may have.

It’s hard not to speculate that this could be a new Wear OS 3.0 device, however, there’s no solid indication either way. Mobvoi are still the only OEM to ship a Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform device so it could be that this is a lower their watch.

With a little over 5 days until the announcement I guess we’ll just have to wait. Mobvoi has a habit of teasing out their announcements so more details just might come to light.

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Jamie S

After recently switching to a Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire with 14 day battery life in smart mode, unless they significantly improve battery life on Android Wear I’m out.

Daniel Narbett

I bought a Ticwatch Pro 3 about a week ago and yep it’s great – and I hear it’ll likely be updated to the 3.0 operating system when eventually released. Interested to see what the new one is though…


Ticwatch E3 with 4100 is my guess. TWP3 isn’t guaranteed for 3.0 they went back on that leak.

Daniel Narbett

Ah thanks, good to know. It’s a bit disturbing that we *still* need to have our ‘early adopter’ armour on with android watches


Isn’t it already being reported that it’s the E3 with 4100 processor? Seems fairly likely at any rate.
Realistically, given their consistent model range, if it’s not that then it’s an S3 or C3 or all of the above?

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I vote E3 with 4100 too.