If you’re happy with your Wi-Fi speeds and general connectivity, but just have that one area where you struggle for connection; D-Link may have an answer to your struggles. The DAP-1900 is a Wi-Fi desktop range extender that can link to your existing Wi-Fi.

It’s not just a dumb node to create an extended Wi-Fi network though, it also includes four Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect your home entertainment system directly to your network. This makes the DAP-1900 part of the home network and, as a desktop form factor it becomes part of your home decor.

Connection can be set up easily with compatible devices by using the WPS button on the router and DAP-1900. Or if you want to be more precise and controlled with your installation, you can use the D-Link app — as we have previously used in reviews — or the web interface to allow full control over the functions of the device.

It’s important to note though, that this is an 802.11ac device, not Wi-Fi 6. For many users looking to expand their existing network this won’t be an issue, as Wi-Fi 6 systems are not yet

You can pick one up now from D-Link online or the usual retailers for $229.95