The day many Android/Windows users has been waiting for has finally some, Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will officially support running Android apps natively. Celebration time right? Well as always there’s a catch, only apps delivered by the Amazon App Store will be supported officially.

Yep, in a true they giveth and they taketh away moment our hopes and dreams were delivered and taken away in the space of one paragraph. While were are truly pleased to see Microsoft include native support for Android at any level, it’s a real bitter disappointment that the official Playstore and vastly superior catalogue of apps inside it will not be supported.

It remains to be seen if sideloading of APKs is a possibility, however, without Google Play Services most of the best apps simply won’t work. Continuing these platform wars are.

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more importantly, it should prompt more developers to build Android apps that work with bigger screens properly. Which should finally make Android tablets a bit more useable.


Won’t happen, Will.
Not unless Google Play Store content is opened to Win11.


The first BIG hurdle which Android apps on Win11 will face is the necessity of touch screens for multitouch. This will not be an issue for Win11 laptops. It will, however, be an issue for desktops.
Without APK sideloading capability, Win11 Android app support will be dead in the water. It’s not only a work-around for getting apps from Google Play Store onto Win11. It’s also for getting older, clean, not adware infested, versions of apps onto a system.

Tom Jones

The day many Android/Windows users has been waiting for has finally some

Andrew Priest

I am happy as SimCity Buildit is available via the Amazon app store 🙂