We are cheerleaders for Wearables, and to be honest it seems the Wear OS ecosystem is on the cusp of being completely consumer ready, with the newly announced Wear OS/ Tizen Franken OS the software platform may finally have matured. Today Qualcomm teased that they were brining a new range of Wearable chips to market over the next year.

The follow up to the Snapdragon Wear 4100 and Wear 4100 + platforms announced last year the as yet unknown chips will power the next generation of wearables from Smart watches to fitness trackers and even pet trackers. It’s unclear if there new chips will be Wear OS compliant high powered chunks of silicone, something targeted at the lower end low power devices or both.

Having had the opportunity to wear a current Gen Wear OS powered by the Wear 4100 we can attest that the hardware certainty seems to have reached the state where Wear OS is consumer ready. Now we just have to wait to see what Wear OS 3.0 and new SOC from Qualcomm can deliver over the next few years.

Along side the new SOC Qualcomm has announced the Qualcomm Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program that will allow OEMs to work closely with Qualcomm to speed up design and development and optimise their hardware for wearable usage. Could 2021 finally be the year of great Android wearables?

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Was there a wear os watch with 4100+?

Daniel Narbett

I *think* the Ticwatch E3 has it? But anyway I got the Ticwatch Pro 3 with the OG 4100 a month orso ago and it’s actually really great