Boost Mobile, has today announced the signing of a new 10-year network agreement with Telstra.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, Boost Mobile has experienced significant local growth in recent years, as more Australians figured out it’s the only affordable way to gain access to the full Telstra 4G network.

Boost customers have used the Telstra network since Boost switched allegiance from being an Optus MVNO in late 2012.

According to Boost Mobile, they are the fastest growing independently owned mobile brand in Australia by organic customer acquisition, having more than doubled their customer base in recent years.

This growth comes at a time when the Australian telco industry has seen a significant mergers like TPG & Vodafone take place as well as several MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) brands like Amaysim being acquired.

This new 10-year agreement provides a firm platform for Boost Mobile, with new plans to significantly expand and enter new areas of the market including postpaid, NBN and Mobile Broadband, moves that could more than triple Boost Mobile’s current addressable market.

“This is a major moment in Boost Mobile’s history as we further expand our longstanding relationship with Telstra. For more than 20 years now, ever since we started the company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we have been all about fighting for the consumer, making sure everyday Aussies get a great deal and a great service.” said Peter Adderton, Founder of Boost Mobile.

“It is recognition by Telstra of the value that Boost Mobile brings to their business and the importance of our role in the market more broadly. It has never been more important to have fighting brands like Boost Mobile in the industry, and today’s renewal and new benefits of this agreement will allow us to fight for the consumer on a whole new level. It will enable us to offer consumers more choice in more areas of the market than ever before.”

“It is also a major endorsement from Telstra about the value of the Boost brand and the important role we play in the market, which is why they have agreed to extend the partnership for 10 years.”

“We’re delighted to be extending our partnership with Boost Mobile as we think the new deal complements the growth aspirations and strength of both brands. We’re both passionate about our customers and Boost has a very important part to play in our multi-brand strategy,” said Michael Ackland, Telstra’s Group Executive for Consumer and Small Business.

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Does anyone know if Boost has access to Telstra Retail’s network or Telstra Wholesale’s? Having worked in the industry for the past 5 years, my understanding is that they are not one and the same with Retail network having far better reach than Wholesale’s.


Retail excluding 5G. You get full features such as voice over wifi and voicemail as an audio sms.