Back in January, we saw the first glimpse of Project Hazel, a next generation facemask with typical Razer flare. At the time, it was little more than a concept build but now it’s official. Not only is it official, you can sign up for your chance to be a community tester.

There isn’t any further information available from Razer regarding the timing of the final release, or the expected pricing. From the little we can see on the video and other images: The final mask appears to be a bit wider and more contoured to the users cheek line. Hopefully, this means that it won’t be a glasses-fogging nightmare like so many other masks.

It was a very cool concept to see at CES, now it appears that the device isn’t vaporware. What the final user delivery looks like, is likely to be influenced by the beta program.

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Adam M

I thought about signing up as a potential Beta tester, but not sure I want to have to supply my social media details in order to do so… so I’ll pass.

Agree on the desirability of a mask that doesn’t result in fogged up glasses though!


Closest thing to a social media account I have, is YouTube, and I don’t post videos, so no way to sign up for the beta.
Going by other Razer products, the sort of users they want to see, in a very literal sense, doing the beta testing, are folks who live on and for social media.

Adam M

Yep, that was my thinking too, which made my signing up rather pointless in any case.


If this can be a viable minimal fogging, or better yet fog free, mask for glasses wearers, then I REALLY want to see this mask get to retail.


People don’t the understand the struggles of wearing a mask when you also wear glasses 🙂