Razer has globally launched its next version of the Hammerhead ANC wireless earbuds which will be made available in Australia.

The new Razer Hammerhead ANC wireless earbuds have made several improvements to their 2019 predecessor, mainly pertaining to the inclusion of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature which is hybrid active noise cancellation, making use of both outward-facing and inward-facing ANC mics to nullify unwanted noise.

The Razer Hammerhead ANC earbuds come with illuminated backlighting, but that changes with this new model with light and colour settings being able to be set via the razer Audio app which can be downloaded for free either via the Google Play or App Store (iOS devices).

Lighting effects include:

  • Audio Meter – Lighting responds to the audio being played
  • Breathing – Lighting pulsates on/off
  • Spectrum – Lighting slowly cycles through a variety of colors
  • Static – Lighting is on a single color and always on
  • LED Brightness Adjustments – 10%-100% brightness with adjustable at 10% increments

Given that Razer is better known for their gaming tech accessories, the company has brought lower latency connection of 60ms or less to provide a more enjoyable experience when gaming on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and consoles, though consoles will require an additional Bluetooth adapter which is sold separately.

The Razer Hammerhead ANC earbuds come with Bluetooth version 5.2 which is something I have seen on very few wireless earbuds, whilst also taking advantage of a battery life that can give you up to 6.5 hours of playtime with a single 60min charge which can be extended to an additional 26 (x4 charges) hours via the battery case.

The new Razer Hammerhead ANC wireless earbuds are available through the Razer website directly for $199. We will be reviewing the new Hammerhead ANC Wireless earbuds so keep an eye out on the site for that in the coming weeks.