Big W is selling two Android/Google TV streaming devices which both remind me of the Google Chromecast with Google TV streaming device in its build and profile, that’s not such a bad thing.

EKO Android TV Device

First up is the EKO Android TV Device which slightly does resemble the same build of say the Google TV with Chromecast device and is of a similar price of $99. The EKO Android TV Device comes with 4K Ultra HD, Google Assistant built-in,
Google Play Store with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube apps already preinstalled. The remote also has Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Google Play pre-dedicated buttons built into it.

In terms of the version of Android or soon to be Google TV it runs, it’s a bit hard to exactly tell given both the BIG W nor the EKO website actually provides this information but based on the pictures uploaded it would probably be a somewhat safe bet it’s Android 9 or 10. Keep in mind if you decide to purchase, devices of this cost rarely see OS version updates.

The EKO Android TV Device is available through the Big W website and in-store $95.

Laser Android TV Dongle

The next streaming device is the Laser Android TV Dongle which looks strikingly similar in design to the Blaupunkt 4K Android TV powered Dongle which Big W also stocked back in 2019.

The Laser Android TV Dongle supports 4K video resolution and comes with Netflix, YouTube and Google Play store pre-installed with the same physical buttons also pre-installed on the remote. According to the Laser website, the Laser Android TV Dongle does run Android 8 and, again, it is unclear — perhaps unlikely — it will get an update to the OS version.

The Laser Android TV Dongle is available through the Big W website or in-store for $69 which is a a bargain price to make your dumb TV smarter.

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These pieces of ewaste being flogged, warrant a far more serious question to be asked:
Why is Google continuing to allow devices with critically outdated and insecure versions of Android, to STILL be manufactured and sold?


Why would anyone bother when Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV is $99 with software support going forward.




Get a Chromecast with Google TV from Gumtree for the same price as these. Better support/updates too.


I want to make my smart TV more like a dumb TV. It’s impossible to buy a nice TV set that’s not bogged down with ads and a hundred streaming services I’m not interested in.


I got a Chromecast with Google TV to use on my Samsung as I hated the horrible interface and I haven’t seen it for months. If you like ad supported television though, this might not be the best option.


No info abt internal storage?