Razer continues to deliver hardware that works for users across all areas of computing. Peripherals for productivity, goodies for gaming and now something for streamers. The new additions are focused on the latter, helping streamers get started.

The Kiyo X Webcam

Far too often users can get caught up in the price of products, without looking at capabilities. The Kiyo X is a webcam that can deliver high FPS and Full HD. The option to stream at either 1080p 30FPS or 720p 60FPS, with customisable options through Razer’s Synapse software.

If you’re working or streaming in low light conditions or with a bright light source — like a window — behind you, you’ll often appear as a silhouette. The inclusion of Razer Virtual Ring Light software, a lighting app utilizing the PC monitor as a source of illumination will improve your video quality immensely. The flexibility of mounting will also make the Kiyo X work in a multitude of settings.

While the $139.00 price tag may seem a bit steep if you’re looking for a quality and very capable camera it’s worth the investment. Particularly so, if you’ve already invested in other Razer hardware for Synapse compatibility.

The Razer Ripsaw X

A sidestep from a stand-alone webcam but a great way to really level up your streaming. The dedicated capture card allows you to grab and stream video quality up to 4K resolution at 30FPS. This means you can use a handheld camera, or even DSLR for your streaming content: All the camera needs is either an HDMI or USB 3.0 port.

The Ripsaw X offers a plug-and-play capture card solution, so you don’t have to install hardware or specific capture software onto your rig. The Ripsaw X is compatible, out of the box, with most popular streaming platforms including Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.

Selling for — a pretty reasonable — AU$239.00 the Ripsaw X is a good investment to improve your streaming and potential audience.

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