Jabra is a well-known name in the productivity headset arena and they’ve evolved with the times well. Their latest launch, the Evolve2 75 headset merges the worlds of mobile and computing calls into a single device.

The Evolve2 75 is a wireless, dual connection headset that offers a great quality of sound for you — both music and calls — and your callers. The noise-cancelling microphone array ensures that the clarity of voice, as well as support for your own concentration through ANC, meets the demands of daily life.

For users who are working from home, the MS Teams button (featured on a number of devices recently) is wonderful. It allows simple, one-touch controls within your Teams meetings to make life simpler, faster and avoid those embarrassing: “You’re not on mute” moments.

Further controls for the headset reside within the Jabra software — Direct for Mobile devices and Xpress for PCs — allowing you to adjust the noise-cancelling and EQ settings for your listening preferences. This gives the Evovle2 75 a versatility not available in many other hybrid headsets.

And, at the end of the day, if you’re someone who commutes regularly, the short, hideaway microphone arm will be a welcome feature. It hides the arm, within the headset itself making the headset look like a simple music playback device. For the RRP of $490 this is an investment in your productivity and playback needs, or something some companies may invest in for their workforce.

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As a Corporate Business Office headset, this latest Jabra headset makes a lot of sense. Proper charging dock so no scrabling for a charging cable. A headset, hardware designed, for working with Microsoft products.
However, for home users, this headset needs to Die In A God-Damned Fire. We’ve seen how abysmally Bad Evil Wrong manufacturer service buttons are on Android, with Bixby. Having a headset restricted in full use to solely to a Microsoft product, for home use, is just as Wrong.