Last year we saw Blueant step away from the stereotypical portable Bluetooth speaker, to a party speaker with the X5. This year, the company behind both have delivered a more portable party speaker: The Blueant X4.

The speaker weighs in at a pretty hefty 2.6kgs and is available in five colours, despite the weight it’s one of the most versatile speakers available. Designed to be a party centrepiece, the Blueant X4 has a lighting system similar to the X5 we previously reviewed, as well as a microphone for the karaoke superstars.

If you’re setting up a party in a larger area, up to 100 (no, that’s not a typo) of them can be paired. Once you’re cranking your tunes, whack the bass boost button and your party music will pack a bigger punch. To cap off the versatility, it’s rated to IP54 rated to stand the knocks, bangs and splashes it will get in daily life. Finally, you’ve got a range of colours to choose from including Black, White, Teal, Pink and Purple.

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I hope BlueAnt do an update reissue of the X2, with these colours and USB C.
Even though I already have a pair of X2 in black, I’d flamin’ well pounce on a pair of X2 in purple!