Not just the quantity, but the quality of leaks regarding upcoming phones has increased over the years. We’ve seen a lot of information about the upcoming Pixel 6 devices already, now through M. Brandon Lee, there are no secrets left.

The thread on Twitter goes through pretty much everything we already knew, as well as uncovering some new specs. A particular point of note is the price gap between the Pixel 6 at EUR649 to the Pro at EUR899. There are

Other details covered by the leak is the full list of colours for the two models, expected US pricing and a full spec list for the Pixel Stand. With increased power for wireless charging, the stand puts out 23W which will fast charge your device pretty effectively.

With not long till the devices are to be finally released, we don’t have long to wait until we know for sure just how accurate the leaks are.

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Pricing is $999 for Pixel 6, $1299 for Pixel 6 Pro


Even the ads are leaking now πŸ‘


Sounds like approx $1300 AUD for Pixel 6. Still a lot for us Nexus/Pixel(a) fans πŸ™


How did you determine that figure? I am thinking $1099 for the 6 and $1499 for Pro based off 649 and 899 EUR.


$1300 is about right …Based on iPhone 13 Pricing.

Iphone 13 = $799 USD / $1347 AUD


$999 for Pixel 6 per leaked ad. I’m surprised!


Brandon is on fire this year as well as evleaks.