To complement the new Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Google has announced an update to their Qi charging stand the Pixel Stand (2nd Generation). While the new Pixel Stand is a Qi compliant charger for any Qi-certified device, it has a few high powered tricks under the hood for other Pixel 6 family.

The Pixel Stand 2 will charge Qi devices up to 15W depending on the device, however with the new Pixel 6 family the stand can charge at a whopping 23W. As you would expect that kind of wireless charging speeds create a lot of waste heat. As such the Pixel stand now has a fan in the base to cool down the phone and the charger.

There will be a setting in the Pixel 6 that let you choose to use standard speeds and thus not engage the fan, or let the current flow and engage the “quiet fan” as Google describes it. We’re big fans of both Qi and charging stands so I for one would love to take one of these for a test drive.

When docked with a Pixel Stand your Pixel device can be configured to enter different modes such as photo frame and home control, essentially turning your Pixel into a small Nest Hub like device, with the power of a full phone behind it.

The Pixel Stand 2nd generation is listed as ‘Coming Soon for $119from the Google Store.