With Google unveiling the very leaked Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 phones overnight, we have to say the leaks in no way demonish from what genuinely looks to be an excellent update to the Pixel series of devices. With custom-built silicone, a camera refresh and many software and AI improvement to the device these are truly compelling devices.

If you’re already convinced you’re getting your hands-on Google latest goodies then it may be time to shop around for the best bonus deal. Here’s a quick rundown on the deals from the official retail and carrier partners.

Google Store

If you want to pick up the device straight from the Google Store they are offering a $150 Store credit for the Pixel 6 Pro and a $100 credit for the Pixel 6. With the new Pixel Stand costing $119 or a set of Pixel Buds A setting you back $159 you could grab either of those with a hefty discount. You’ll also get 3 months free of Kayo and Binge, if you’re a new customer of course.


JB HiFi is turning the volume up on their pre order bonus with the retailer offering a Free Nest Audio with either the Pixel 6 Pro or the Pixel 6. With a RRP of $149 that’s not a bad deal.

Office Works
Office Works has the same offer as JB HiFi with a free Nest Audio for purchasing either the Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 6.

Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman pulling up the rear of the carriers has the same deal as the other retailers with a free Nest Audio.


Vodafone is offering a free set of Pixel Buds A with any Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 6 purchased on a Vodafone Infinite PLan over 36 months. So if you want to be locked into handset repayments for almost as long as the device will receive OS upgrades this may be the choice for you.

Optus is offering a different approach to their pricing this year, providing a price match option where they will match “any competitor’s upfront retail price on the same Pixel model “. We’re not clear if that includes offering discounted pre-ordering pricing like Telstra, or bonus hardware like Vodafone.

Considering that there will not be any real upfront discount at the register for a while this strategy may make Optus less of an attractive option.

Telstra is offering a Preorder discount across the range of Pixel 6 devices who buy in eligible plans.

RRP Pre order Price
Pixel 6 Pro
128 GB
$1299 $1099
Pixel 6 Pro
256 GB
$1449 $1249
Pixel 6 Pro
512 GB
$1599 $1399
Pixel 6
128 GB
$999 $799
Pixel 6
256 GB
$1129 $929


These discounts are disconnected from any monthly handset repayment plan however you will need to sign up for a 12-month plan and pre-order before November 2nd.

These are all of the official Australian partners for the Pixel 6 family launch. We will update the post when Optus and Telstra open their deals.

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    Daniel Narbett

    Duncan I don’t normally like to comment just on a typo BUT splicing ‘diminish’ and ‘detract from’ into “demonish” in the first sentence is typo artistry!

    ps. thanks for the info on the buying options 🙂


    Just spotted another glaring typo. First paragraph: “With custom-built silicone”
    Shouldn’t that be “silicon” ?