As Optus says, contacting your telco should not be filled with dread. Think back to the last time you experienced the ’call centre run around.’ Being treated like a number, handballed from person to person, department to department, all as you slowly feel your temperature begin to rise. It’s maddening!

To address this, twelve months ago Optus started on a new customer service journey and now, a year in, the results are looking pretty positive. Today, all Optus’ customers are looked after by their very own Community of Experts.

Every customer is mapped to a Community of Experts, based on the region in which they live. Optus has mapped markets based on size, likely number of contacts, and the similarities between customers within the geo-location.

When customers need help, they’ll go through to the same team every time, where Optus’ Experts will take ownership of any issues and follow them through end to end. An added benefit is that the teams are local, getting to known the areas they serve and bringing Optus experience closer to the needs of Australian customers.

Betty Christie, Optus Community Manager for Victoria North explains it like this –

“Our community and our people love being here and having a deep sense of connection to the local area.  We look after customers north of Melbourne and often we’re chatting about real-life everyday things happening north of Melbourne, all while managing the customer’s request.  Customers like being able to talk to a genuine person who really gets them and their local needs”.

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Meanwhile at Telstra – They pretty much called customers stupid on their community forum because they asked why Telstra blocked the Android 12 update on Pixel devices….