Sometimes it’s really difficult to justify the cost of upgrades when you’ve got functional equipment already in place. There are some manufacturers like Razer that think through and offer multiple connectivity options. 

For the last few weeks, we’ve had the Deathadder V2X Hyperspeed on the test bench. It’s designed for performance and portability and it delivers both very well. This is thanks to the form factor, USB dongle for ultra-fast 2.4Ghz wireless connection or Bluetooth for a productivity setting.

Performance, Battery and Connectivity

At a quick glance, you’ll see nothing out of the ordinary with the design, but when you lay your hands on the mouse you’ll feel the difference. The basics are all there:

  • The standard two buttons on top
  • Scroll wheel which also operates (as do most) as another button
  • The buttons by the index finger can also be programmed through Razer Synapse software

As a side note: For those who aren’t aware you can use the scroll wheel button while surfing the web to click on links and open a new tab saving a click and precious time, every time you use the feature.

The performance of the VX2 Hyperspeed is truly excellent in multiple realms. This is another upgrade from previous generations of the mouse with controls being moved to single touch buttons. It’s worth noting that the mouse is designed for right-handed users: Thumb controls are placed where left-handed mouse users simply won’t be able to use them and the sensitivity controls will easily be falsely triggered by lefties.

At least initially you’ll see nothing more than a standard mouse but once you start delving into the features, you’ll find out just how good it is.

Like previous high-end mice from Razer, you’ve got the capacity to connect to multiple devices through the USB wireless dongle 92.4Ghz) and Bluetooth. Both work very well, however: The speed of response is noticeably faster on the dongle vs Bluetooth, not to say that the Bluetooth is bad; far from it and quite acceptable for mid-range gaming, but the wireless dongle takes it to another level compared to the top end wired mice on the market. That versatility of connection makes it easy to switch between your devices using the same mouse.

Given the mid-range cost for the Razer Deathadder V2X Hyperspeed mouse: I’d consider this one of the best value and versatile mice on the market.

While the names are very “marketing speak” the technologies that make this such a good mouse deliver results. The Gen 2 Mechanical Mouse Switches are rated for up to 60 Million clicks and the 5G optical sensor is both speedy and accurate. That sensor can be dynamically adjusted between preset (through the Synapse software) options, to have a high sensitivity or far lower for fine detail needs.

One area that initially surprised me, but later made sense is the battery options. Offering a non-rechargeable AAA or AA battery option seemed initially a bit short sighted. Your mouse is a key interface to your desktop system which can be quite intensive and consume a bit of battery. Somehow, Razer has managed to — on paper — get 235 hours of battery life when connecting via the Hyperspeed dongle and over 600 hours via Bluetooth. So it’s safe to say that fresh batteries will last you a very long time.

You can check the expected battery life based on your usage on device page.

Work or Play: It’s ready right across your day

One factor that makes this a far more appropriate device to be used in a workplace is the lack of RGB. While gamers will call that a detractor, in an office that’s a distraction. The flexibility of multiple connection types makes this a really useful device to chuck in your bag for work, and use at home for work or play. Just don’t do my trick and leave it at the office when you pack up, that will ruin your day pretty quickly.

Lately, I spend more time on the run, than in one place so I’ve found that keeping the USB dongle in the mouse and having my personal laptop connected by Bluetooth is the most functional. It gives me the versatility to — providing there is a USB port available — connect to anything.

Is a wireless mouse really worth over $100?

Historically, I’d have said Razer isn’t a brand for everyday use. While their equipment is good looking and high end, it’s beyond the needs of so many users, “flashy” in presentation and quite costly. This is a mouse that can operate effectively in the professional space, as well as in the gaming realm.

At an RRP of AU$109.00 it’s not a cheap mouse however when you factor in the cost of a mouse ($30 – $50) for use with a laptop on the go, plus a decent gaming mouse at around the same, probably higher cost, it starts to make sense. This is versatile and highly functional with great battery life and could reasonably be your only mouse for both.

Personally, I’ve used a lot of Razer gear over the years and always found it to deliver on performance and to be of high quality. I’ve honestly, never been disappointed by my purchase and I doubt anyone would be with the Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed.

As is often the case, there are pros and cons to a peripheral like this. But if you’re in the market for a new mouse, not wanting to spend multiple hundreds but getting something better than a $25 Officeworks special – Then you should seriously consider the Razer Deathadder V2 X Hyperspeed.