The big players in home entertainment have sought dominance in the family living rooms for years. Nintendo just released a new sports game in the Wii Sports series, Nintendo Switch Sports, as their latest effort.

Nintendo Switch Sports is currently comprised of six sports games including Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara (swordplay). Players can utilise the Gyro sensor and accelerometer in the Joy-Con controllers to swing, kick, spike and bowl in their favourite sports. This game developed by Nintendo aims to achieve a maximum scale of player participation. You can play it solo or with family and friends at a party or online, it’s your choice.

Similar to the original Wii Sports games, players create their characters called Sportsmates in the game. There are many options for customization ranging from face & hairstyle to outfits, accessories and bodies. You will be able to compete with other random players on the Internet and earn points which can be used to unlock more gear and items for your Sportsmate.

Nintendo has scheduled two free updates for release in winter and spring. The first update will allow you to play soccer games utilising the Leg Strap accessory to kick the ball. The second update coming this spring will add Golf as a new sport to the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports is retailing for AU$69.95 and NZ$89.99. Alternatively, you can grab a digital version without the leg strap accessory for AU$56 and NZ$64.

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Missing from this ‘review’: 1 – A warning that this game is basically a thinly veiled ad you buy to con-vince you to $hell out for a Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) subscription. Some game play modes for the games are NSO only. Character customization unlock is NSO only. 2 – Single player offline is basically crippled. Online play using the ‘Play Globally’ mode without NSO is botmatch. 3 – No game training modes, to learn how to play the games 4 – No offline player ladder. This renders it useless for in-house competition at home for friends/families/parties, so folks can… Read more ยป