Fetch TV’s new Might Gen 4 box is long awaited since it’s predecessor Gen 3 box was released six years ago.

The new Mighty Gen 4 retains the same price at $449, form factor, user interface, functionality and content offering as the current Mighty.

The big differences are all inside and work to improve Wi-Fi connectivity, image quality and speed including:

  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • More RAM and onboard storage for OS/Apps
  • DVB T2 support for Free to Air TV – this supports 4K / UHD broadcasts if Australian TV networks ever broadcast at that quality level (unlikely soon)
  • HDMI V2.1 with HDCP 2.3
  • AV1 codec support

Unfortunately HDMI-CEC is not supported.

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV, said:

Fetch is proud to announce the introduction of the Mighty Gen 4 PVR. Innovation is in our DNA, and we continue to leverage technology advances to enhance the user experience and future proof the Fetch hardware offering.

“Fetch is committed to maintaining our position as the leading Australian aggregation platform, and to delivering on our brand promise of ‘All your entertainment, easy’.  We continue to add to our content offering, including the recent addition of Disney+”.

The new Gen 4 Fetch Mighty and Mini 4K boxes are interoperable with earlier versions of the Fetch Mighty and Mini, offering advanced multi-room features including the ability to stream Free-to-Air channels to a Fetch box located in a room where an aerial is not available. Fetch boxes are also fully compatible with the Fetch ‘Mobi’ companion app.

Fetch Mobi
Fetch Mobi
Developer: FetchTV Pty Ltd
Price: Free

The Fetch Mighty Gen 4 PVR is now available from leading retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, and will be rolling out with ISP partners later this year.

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My (gen 3) Fetch Mighty uses 20 watts when on, but surprisingly uses 15 watts when in standby. That is very high for a device that’s essentially off. Most TV’s and PVR’s use under 1 watt according to the energy star rating system. So if I don’t use it all day it will still use 360Wh. At our house we use about 8kWh of power for everything for the whole day. Which is lower than the national average but not exceptionally low. So our Fetch Mighty uses almost 5% of our daily household electricity consumption. I hope they fix this… Read more »


even if you put the fetch mighty on standby

the hardrive disk will stay on and i hear noise of like a fan even if I turned off the fetch box


@ahmad I had a similar experience. I could see the Fetch red light was on, indicating it was in standby, but the box felt warm, it was making noises but there was no recording event for that whole day, so I decided to put my watt meter on it and discovered that it uses more power in standby, than my computer, the PC monitor, microwave, TV, stereo all combined when they’re in standby. It’s a real power🐷pig!!


Hey thanks for the reply. It’s good to hear Fetch is improving the power consumption in their products. I hope that means the Gen 4 significantly reduces standby power. As that’s where the power drain is worst, particularly if like in my household where 80% of the time the Fetch Box is off. Finally it’s good that people at Fetch have journalists from tech media such as you from Ausdroid inquiring as to why their Fetch Box idles at such a high wattage.


It doesnt support dolby atmos LOOOOOL


oh that’s good !