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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Amazon Prime Video app available on Fetch TV Boxes

Fetch TV and Amazon today announced that the Amazon Prime Video app is launching on Fetch tomorrow. The Amazon Prime Video app will roll out to Fetch Mighty boxes over a two week period,...

Fetch TV unlocks BBC News, CNN etc for 3 months free international Coronavirus news...

Many Australians have family, friends and investments overseas so in these uncertain times it's good to hear that Fetch TV is giving it's subscription customers 3 months free access to 11 international news channels...

Fetch Mighty Should Get Amazon Prime Video by April 2020

Owners of the Fetch Mighty and Fetch Mini have been hearing rumours for a while of some channels being lost from their Fetch subscription soon and some apps added. Sensing this frustration the Fetch social...

Aussie Broadband Fetch TV Mighty 4K PVR Review

Fetch TV's Mighty personal video recorder (PVR) aims to be "all your entertainment in one place", providing the ability to view & record Free To Air TV (via an antenna), view and record many...

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