If you’re looking for a streaming box to connect to a second TV or in a kid’s room, then the Fetch Mini Gen 3 may hit that mark. Right now through the Fetch Australia site, you can pick one up for just $99.00

We’ve taken a closer look at the 4K version of this box, as well as the increasing number of apps available previously. The service has come in leaps and bounds since its first release, and now, with NBN speeds improving, Foxtel has followed suit of being an online and on-demand service, not just scheduled cable viewing.

To take advantage of the full capabilities of the box, you’ll need a TV antenna, a minimum 3Mbps Internet connection, and to activate the box (AU$1.00 online), with the ongoing subscription as an optional extra. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s possibly even worth grabbing one and hiding it in a cupboard till then.

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Greg Lamb

Do you need an antenna if you have a Fetch Mighty in another room?


I think they do share the antenna over ethernet – at least the ones I have do.