At Ausdroid we get to test a lot of really cool gear, but occasionally we get to put it in your hands. That’s exactly what’s happening this time with the Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam and 32GB Go Pack giveaway.

We’ve previously reviewed the Nextbase 552GW Dashcam, with Chris coming to the conclusion that it’s a good camera but a touch pricy at $399.99

Carrying much of the same foundational capacities, the Nextbase 322GW is a great unit. The 332GW captures video in 1080P at 60FPS meaning you’ll get a lot of detail in a clean, fluid motion from your camera. Being a connected — Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct — dashcam, you’ll be able to sync and download footage from your camera directly to your device. This makes it easier to ensure your footage is safe for insurance purposes or to submit to Dashcams Australia.

There are a number of other features worth looking at when you consider a dashcam. In this case, it’s got a great touch panel for easy setup and use in your vehicle. The onboard GPS allows you to track (through the app) your travels and the precise location of any incidents. If an incident is significant enough, the camera software — while paired to a phone — is capable of notifying emergency services of the incident and your location. Tracking and incident detection also means that any bumps or movements of your vehicle are recorded when it’s parked.

The package of the camera and go pack is valued at a total of $338.99

The competition

We’ll make this as easy as we can: Simply tell us in 25 words or less, why you need the Nextbase 322GW and Go Pack in your vehicle. You can take a realistic approach, humour or something completely off the wall. The competition will run for two weeks, with the winner being contacted by email at the start of June for their shipping details.

The fine print
Entrants must live in Australia with only one entry per person, in the event of multiple entries the earliest entry will be the only one considered.
The winning entry will be chosen from the list of comments on Sunday 29th May at 4 pm Eastern time.

Good luck!

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The camera will provide high clarity, definitive evidence of whether a Camel was driven past to settle ‘I Spy’ disputes amongst the kids.


Always good to have an extra level of protection for the car, especially comes in handy with the teen lids now learning to drive


I don’t need a Nextbase 322GW and Go Pack…

but my husband does 😁

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wow…lots of beggers


I’m a train driver who needs a dash cam capable of recording my trips to capture any incidents


I caught my neighbour’s kid sunbaking on my car and I told her parents and she denied it. This will help give me the proof I need.
My commodore is not a tanning bed.


I need the Nextbase 322GW and Go Pack to keep my daughter safe who has just started to drive.


I need a dashcam to capture the people that have their minds go blank and forget how to drive, how to use their blinkers and how to merge


I’d love a dash cam to prove to my husband that it’s not always my fault!

Ammad S

I am always on the road, travelling around South East NSW, and nobody would believe what I see on the roads until I win one of these 🙂


To help teach me kids how NOT to drive!


This would be perfect for my Dad’s car. He has had some unfortunate experiences with stupid drivers and this would make things so much better.


To capture the idiots on the road that I get to beep all the time.


RYDA are selling the NextBase 322GW Full HD Bluetooth Car Dash Camera for $233 includes delivery on their eBay site, this is the unit only, no “Go Pack” which includes a micro SD card and carry case. But I would prefer a card a lot bigger than 32GB and I wouldn’t need a carry case as it would be sitting behind my windscreen.
BTW if you have eBay Plus then you get a further $5 off.


Why do I need a dashcam? See; every single Dashcam Owners Australia video posted.