When it comes to DIY security, a lot of buyers are familiar with Arlo and Ring but Swann has been a consistent and quiet achiever. With the release of the AllSecure650 they’ve taken that a step further with, a truly complete DIY security system for home and business.

What does the AllSecure650 offer?

As a starting point, whether you choose the three or four camera — $949.95 and $1,099.95 respectively — system, the spotlight cameras are 2K and have several ways they can be mounted. They’ve also got a rather loud siren built-in and allow for two-way talk to any visitors you have. Added to the resolution and resulting detailed video streams is the base station that includes 1TB of storage for your footage.

Each camera connects to the base station wirelessly and runs from removable batteries. An interesting, and well-thought-out point of difference on this system to many others, is the included extra battery. While not required, this is housed in the back of the base station charging and available at a moment’s notice, but if your power happens to fail; it powers the base station which keeps your system online and recording.

Swann has a number of very useful technologies in its cameras and software to increase functionality and minimise false alerts. True Detect being one that, in simple terms, requires both movement and heat to trigger a motion event rather than just a tree waving in the breeze.

If you choose to head down the road of the Swann Secure+ subscription, the features make quite a difference to your user experience including:

  • Longer storage for your security footage
  • True Detect Plus brings Package, Pet & Vehicle detection to the system
  • 36 month, extended warranty
  • Replacement with valid Police report

On paper, it really is a very impressive piece of kit and I can confirm it’s user-friendly, delivers great video and quick notifications: Our full review will be published later this week.