Co-Founded by Carl Pei, Nothing is working quickly to establish a market presence. With the Nothing Phone (1) and Ear (1) we got our first glimpse of their design strategy. Now with the release of the Nothing Ear (stick), we get to see more.

The new release of the Ear (stick) brings with it an array of specs that tick all of the right boxes for the current generation of wireless earbuds. As part of the release, Pei said:

As we’re about to cross one million products sold worldwide, I can’t wait for people to get their hands on our third product, Ear (stick). It balances comfort while delivering our most advanced sound experience to date. The case is inspired by
lipstick silhouettes and features a unique, yet functional, twist opening.

That focus on comfort is highlighted by its compact and lightweight (4.4 grams per earbud) design, providing high levels of comfort for long periods of wear. The comfort is ably complemented by the ultra-sensitive dynamic driver capable of delivering clean audio across the full response range. This includes the technology that analyses the users ear and adjusts the EQ dynamically to suit.

That audio quality is focused on the user, where the three high-definition microphones work to minimise noise — background, wind and sudden loud noises — to ensure that your caller also gets a clear call. Unseen to the user is the redesigned antenna that is away from the face and improves connectivity range as well as stability.

This is all in a package that will give you 29 hours (7 hours in the earbuds, 22 of charge in the case) of playback time, and costs AU$179.00 with pre-orders already availabe from, and orders starting 4th November.