Nanoleaf, a global industry leader of smart lighting innovation, has today begun pre-orders for its latest Nanoleaf Lines Squared smart LED light bars with a first-of-its-kind modular design.

The new Nanoleaf Lines Squared smart LED light bars give users the ability to connect sleek back-lit light bars at 90º angles using square Mounting Connectors to create linear or “squared” designs for the ability to set up clean lines around door frames and corners or experiment with geometric designs for a statement art piece.

The Lines Squared smart LED light bars combine 90º and 60º angles together into one singular Lines layout to help users explore all of the creative smart lighting possibilities, painting their living spaces, offices, bedrooms and entertainment areas in an ultramodern glow of color and light.

Users can connect the Lines Squared LED light bars via the Nanoleaf App which enables users to select from 16M+ RGBW color options along with the ability to upload and download thousands of free Scenes,see your favorite songs come to life with the Rhythm MusicVisualizer.

Nanoleaf’s exclusive patented LayoutDetect technology allows for lighting Scenes to seamlessly play across users layout and intuitively recognise when a new light line has been added or rearranged without any interruption to the flow of the animation. Users can also design and preview their layout before physically setting it up with the app’s Layout Assistant using AR Technology.

The Lines Squared LED light bars will be available for pre-order globally on November 7th at website with starter kits starting at AUD$229 for the 4 pack, whilst expansion kits which come with 3 packs start at AUD$99.

Additionally, Nanoleaf have announced the re-release of the Ultra Black Triangles which were previously a limited edition addition to the range as part of the company’s 10th anniversary.

The Ultra Black Triangles offer a bold design paired with vibrant RGB,serving as a statement art piece even when turned off and come with all-black parts including the Mounting Plates, Power Supply, and Controller for a sleek futuristic aesthetic that the company has stated elevates entertainment spaces and gaming area.

The Ultra Black Triangles come with features users have come to love such as Screen Mirror, Rhythm Music Visualiser,Touch, Schedules, and exclusive Connect+ technology.

The Ultra Black Triangles are available for pre-order from today exclusively at website with the panels are available in Starter Kits (9PK) for AUD$369.99.

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The stag design in the lead pic is Impressive