With high inflation and wholesale energy price rises across Australia it’s not surprising that Ampol AmpCharge and Evie Networks have both announced price increases this week for their DC electric car fast charging services.

Ampol’s 15% price rise is across all their charging sites from 60c/kWh to 69c/kWh. The Ampcharge team commented:

“We’ve now increased our AmpCharge EV charging rate to $0.69/kWh for pay-as-you-go. Ampol aims to offer great value, high quality products to our customers”.

“In order to continue doing so, and after a review of our wholesale energy costs, we’ve needed to revise the pricing structure to reflect market conditions and rising energy costs.”

Evie’s price 12.5% increase is only at their 50kW speed sites, from 40c per kWh to 45c per kWh. The email sent to me said:

“As you’ve charged at an Evie location(s) or registered your details in our app, we wanted to let you know about a price increase happening in February 2023”.

“On Monday, 13 February 2023, our 50kW public fast chargers will increase in price from 40c per kWh to 45c per kWh”.

“Our 350kW ultra-fast chargers will not change, remaining at 60c per kWh”.

“This is the first price increase we have made since 2020 and is reflective of the increased cost of energy”.

“In 2023, we aim to continue building our clean, safe, convenient and dependable EV charging network across Australia. With over 100 charging locations currently open and further network expansion in 2023 and beyond, we hope you will continue to look to Evie Networks to power your future journeys”.

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Coles should bring them in and implement discount with flybuys


i hope just like AIRBNB more people will start offering charging options in their homes over night. that way we can pay less on travel. more and more spots should reduce the prices