a cell phone sitting on top of a marble counter

Released on 7th September 2022, the iPhone 14 is a successor to the iPhone 13. While it received mixed reviews from most critics, we strongly believe the iPhone 14 is the better phone, especially for two kinds of customers: The one’s updating from a 3-4 year old iPhone and the ones who are making their entry into the Apple ecosystem. This is the case as the lack of the new dynamic island feature on the iPhone 14 makes it similar enough an experience to previous iPhones or Android phones while still providing new features and quality-of-life improvements. 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s talk specs!


The notable upgrades to the iPhone 14, as compared to the iPhone 13, include an extra core in the GPU, making it a 5-core GPU! The 5-core GPU, Hexa-core CPU and the A15 Bionic Chip translates to a supercharged phone capable of handling any games or tasks you throw at it. 

Increased RAM

The iPhone 14 offers 6 gigs of RAM across all its variants compared to the iPhone 13, which maxes out at 4 GB. This means that the iPhone 14 will be noticeably faster in loading files, media, assets of games and just generally for all day-to-day tasks. 

Rear Camera

The rear camera on the iPhone 14 received minor upgrades on the hardware and software front. The rear camera on the iPhone 14 offers greater depth and image quality as well as greatly improved autofocus! In addition, it is also capable of shooting in a cinematic mode, which creates a 4k output at 30 FPS(Frames Per Second)

Front Camera

Everything we mentioned above for the rear camera also applies to the front. 

Emergency SOS

The iPhone 14 can send emergency SOS(Sending and receiving SMS) even in the absence of a tower through satellite connectivity. This is a great safety feature, especially for those who enjoy taking their 4×4 into the desert every now and then to scale some dunes. 

New Colour

This might not seem massive on paper, but let’s be honest, many people avoid putting their phones in cases and some even use clear cases. As such, the look of a smartphone, fresh out of the box, matters a lot. The new blue is lighter in shade and stunning in person!

Crash Detection

Another essential safety feature Apple has added to the iPhone 14 is Crash Detection. The smartphone harnesses its motion sensors(gyro, accelerometer, barometer) to detect when the user is caught in an accident to send the location and an SOS call to emergency services. 


The battery life and endurance are improved on the iPhone 14, meaning the phone will last longer in the short and long run!

Overall, the iPhone 14 is a fantastic upgrade or entry into the Apple ecosystem that you can keep enjoying for years!