As more home owners become more aware of their security needs, the manufacturers of DIY home security continue to evolve their offerings. Arlo is one of the big-name players in the DIY security space and has a new offering available in Australia: The Arlo Pro 5.

Starting with 2K video capture, the Arlo Pro 5 fits well into the model of best practice to place your cameras and the welcomed increase in battery life.

Other key features of the new offering include dual-band Wi-Fi, a welcome addition with faster loading times for your stream remotely. The earlier mentioned 2K capacity, coupled with a 160-degree viewing angle will result in far clearer streams allowing you to observe more of your property but will put more pressure on your upstream bandwidth so make sure you’ve got enough.

Other features common to the Arlo camera range include:

  • An integrated spotlight for the safety of wanted visitors and to warn unwanted visitors they’re on camera
  • Spotlight and Colour Night Vision which assists with the identification of nefarious visitors
  • Two-way audio so you can hear and speak to your visitors
  • Easily attached accessories to extend the life of your battery or eliminate the need for battery changes outright
  • Compatibility with Alexa, Assistant and other automation platforms

Bradley Little, Arlo Vice President of Sales — APAC said:

The Arlo Pro 5 is one of the most secure and reliable security cameras Arlo has engineered to date. Integrating three wireless technologies into one extremely compact form factor ensures users are better equipped to ‘protect their everything’. Supporting the overall Pro 5 experience, is the intuitive Arlo Secure app that ensures frictionless access to the most comprehensive monitoring tools available,

There are — as is the norm in this market — some features that are only available via subscription such as geo-fenced activities, alarms and scheduling of activities. Make sure you consult the documentation on the camera and subscriptions model before purchasing. The Arlo Pro 5 2K Security Camera is now available to purchase in Australia at an of RRP A$329.00 through the usual retail channels and Arlo online.