Today I noticed that my Google TV with Chromecast received an update which brought with its some subtle changes which at first don’t seem to bad but do slightly change the way the system works.

The update, which has begun rolling out to users, brings changes mainly with an easier profile switcher, which has moved from being on the right hand side top of the screen to the left hand top of the screen.

Secondly, the other small change is the search function which has moved to the right hand top side of the screen instead of being where it has always been prior.

Thirdly, the other major change it has brought is a new quick setting icon which enables you to quickly access most-used settings from this menu which is now located on the right hand top side of the screen. There is also a new also a “Tip of the day” section as well as notifications.

Other subtle changes is to slightly clean up the home page but interestingly, the security patch for this update is still stuck on October 2022, which is now 5 months old along with the android version still being on version 12.

Granted this is a streaming service, security patches can and normally do take their time but it’s something that could be rectified, hopefully in any future updates.

As stated, the update is rolling out to users but if you haven’t yet got it, all you need to do is to go to settings > systems > about > system update to check if your updated is ready to install.

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ahmad kishani

got it on my both TCL android tv , but i still prefer to use apple tv , google tv is a disaster streamer OS


The one big update I am waiting for is the sandboxing of user profiles!

Its a pita to have to swap profiles only to open an app and then have to switch profiles in there aswell (first world problems I know).

I applaud the fact that user switching is easier, now my partner actually uses his own profile, but then getting him to stop messing up my YouTube algorithm and switch to his own again is annoying.