Razer has stepped up to take on the might of the Elgato Stream Deck with the Stream Controller X. The controller is designed to help streaming content creators to control their stream and keep audiences interested with ease.

The Stream Controller X has 15 programmable LCD buttons built into the compact chassis, minimising desk use and maximising functionality. It’s easy to set up shortcuts to change lighting, cameras or effects, switch apps, or even macros and compatible home automation events.

All of this is controlled through Loupedeck Software, which means that software such as OBS Studio, Twitch and Streamlabs are all compatible for streaming and Adobe Premier Pro or other software can also benefit. Users can set up multiple profiles, allowing you to switch between work and play modes easily and increasing the versatility of the device.

If this is starting to sound like a device you need, then some of the specs you need to know are that it’s compatible with Windows 10/11 or MacOS 10.14 and up. It sits on your desk, taking up an 111 x 80.7 mm space and sits 30 mm high, with the flexibility of a 2 Meter USB cable to connect to your PC. There is a stand available to increase the angle that the buttons are on, making them more visible to users while streaming.

The Stream Controller X is already available for AU$269.95 through the usual retail channels.