It’s been coming for some time, there have been tests in “limited markets” and now it’s happening. Netflix has started contacting customers who are sharing their passwords outside of the family home.

Unfortunately, what was initially just the US has now been expanded to include Australia. There’s a bit to talk about here, but here’s a few of the basic points:

  • Netflix has never actually allowed password sharing outside of your home
  • Netflix is a business and password sharing is taking away from its profits
  • If password sharing is about cost saving, there are low cost plan options
  • If you’re happy to pay the $7.99 per month to password share outside your home; happy days!

Initially, users are reporting an email like the one listed on the Netflix US page:

While Netflix never allowed password sharing, many moons ago, it did have some encouragement from the company.

But streaming media was a very different landscape in 2017, in 2023 the market is far more competitive with many more competitors. So the options, as outlined in the email are to stop sharing, spend the extra money on a monthly basis to allow one device per person, transfer that profile out of your account or, disconnect from Netflix.

There’s plenty of options to pursue with catch up TV, other streaming services and other free (YouTube, Twitch etc) entertainment options. How will you be handling the password sharing crackdown?

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    This is really irritating as I rarely watch it and really only keep it for my kids, who I share care with 50/50 with my ex. Sounds like I would have to buy two extra users? And it’s not clear if you can then use those extra accounts at multiple sites?