We’ve written about the GoPro Quik app in the past, and talked about the features and capabilities of the platform; but also complaining noting that some features are only available to paying users.

This upgraded subscription offers two key features, while also having all the features of the lower tier:

  • 500 GB (25GB on the standard account) Cloud Storage for Non-GoPro Footage
  • HyperSmooth Pro® Video Stabilization

You can check out a side by side comparision between the two subscription options on the GoPro Website.

Added to the improved subscription options, the Quik desktop app is now available to users on Mac as well as the existing mobile clients. This brings to a more convenient (for any detailed editing) form factor, the capacity to check your footage, your automatically created highlight videos and further editing options.

For me, the best feature of the subscription is the automatic upload of video when plugged in and on Wi-Fi that your camera knows. This upload space for footage captured from your GoPro is — at the time of publishing — unlimited.

But the fact that the desktop app brings the full feature set of the mobile app is very welcome. GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman spoke of this in the release today:

Quik’s auto-editing experience represents a convenient starting point for new creators, and our more advanced editing tools and ongoing developments in AI and computer vision ensure pro-minded users will enjoy enhanced capability as we continue to update our apps.

The desktop app also means that you’re able to get at your footage sooner. You don’t need to wait for Wi-Fi upload, then downloading again to the app and the hand off (through USB-C) is far quicker than it has been in the past.

Windows users, don’t fret; you’ll get your own app later this year.

Is a desktop app the last piece of the puzzle for GoPro to capture further market share?