a pile of gold bitcoins sitting on top of a table

Nowadays, many people are quite interested in digital currencies and their performance in the market. The main reason is that crypto investments have skyrocketed in the last few years and investors want to monitor for any sudden market shifts and changes in crypto prices. 

As you may already know, the cryptocurrency market is unregulated by any financial institutions, which is why it’s so highly volatile, to begin with. Needless to say, keeping up with the latest news, trends and relevant information is of vital importance to investors from all over the world.

Not only that but investors must keep an eye on relevant data all the time so that they can spot an opportunity they can capitalize on as soon as such opportunity presents itself. That being said, which source of crypto news is the best one? Let’s have a look, shall we?


One of the most recent and one of the absolute best crypto media outlets is certainly CoinNews with their unbiased information and a plethora of how-to and crypto guides. Established in 2023, this news site has a clear purpose of providing the most accurate information about various cryptocurrencies and the latest developments in the blockchain technology. If you want crypto news that is completely on topic and cut and dried, this news site is definitely worth your time.


One of the largest and oldest crypto news media outlets in the market, CoinDesk has been around since 2013. They provide news and information about the latest crypto developments, as well as a myriad of guides, videos, podcast and many other content for both experienced and beginner crypto investors. This makes this news site one of the most popular crypto media today.


Considered one of the most trustworthy media outlets regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Decrypt continuously delivers upon their audience’s needs and expectations. Founded back in 2018, this news site tends to delve deep into any relevant crypto topic one may come across these days. They also have very detailed courses for beginner crypto investors to help them learn the ropes.

Bitcoin Magazine

Established back in 2012, this news site provides all the information you can possibly imagine regarding the Bitcoin itself. Since Bitcoin was the very first crypto to hit the market back in 2009, Bitcoin Magazine thought that it’s important enough to remain focused on this cryptocurrency. Therefore, you will not likely come across a better news source for Bitcoin-related information but don’t expect anything else. This news site is exactly what its name suggest, a Bitcoin only news site.

The Block

Focused more on experienced investors, The Block features in-depth market analysis, detailed research reports and illustrated metrics regarding data dashboards. They are very technical and use a lot of industry jargon so you might find this news site to be quite boring and overwhelming if you’re new to crypto trading and investing. As mentioned before, this one is more for the crypto veterans who are used to heavily technical terminology by now or at least they strive to be.