Do you want to know how to get more Instagram followers in Australia?

Of course, you do! And we can help. Here are 10 ways to get more followers on Instagram in Australia.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to gaining a following that will help grow your business.

  1. Use popular hashtags on your Instagram posts

Using popular hashtags will help you get seen by more people who are interested in the things that you post. You can use hashtags when you post on Instagram or when posting an image to Twitter. There are a few ways that you can find relevant hashtags for your posts:

Search for popular hashtags related to your niche in our search bar below, see what tags other active users have used around the same time, or browse through trending tags to find out what topics are currently popular.

2. Connect with other Instagram users in similar industries or niches

You can find Instagram users through hashtags to connect with other people who have similar interests or followings. You don’t want to just jump in and start following thousands of strangers, though- it’s very possible that they won’t be interested in your account either! Connecting with other real Instagram users you may have mutual friends with will help give your profile a boost. When someone sees that you are connected to their friend, it makes them much more likely to check out what you’re all about. Be sure not to spam anyone when connecting, make the message personal and applicable to their own business or niche rather than simply saying ‘follow me?’.

3. Share interesting and engaging content on your Instagram profile

If you want to get more social media followers on Instagram in Australia, it’s important to share engaging content. When people see that you are posting great images or videos they will be more likely to follow your profile and engage with the things that you post. If your Instagram news feed is full of random messages or too many photos of cats and food (which we love, don’t get us wrong), then there isn’t much point continuing through to see what other users have posted.

4. Run contests and giveaways to get more real Instagram followers from Australia

Contests and giveaways are one of the fastest ways to gain more real Instagram followers on Instagram. You can give away free products or experiences to people who engage with your post (sending a photo, writing something on your wall, etc.) and ask them to tag some friends too! This works especially well if you have an already-existing customer base that is likely to enter the contest once they see it posted on social media. Giving away both new products or experiences will help expand your reach even further as well as increase your follower count.

5. Use creative images and videos on your Instagram account

If you want to get more followers on Instagram in Australia, it’s important to have high-quality Instagram photos and Instagram videos. The photos that you choose to upload are the first thing people will see when they come across your profile, so make them engaging! Posting quality content will keep your followers coming back for more.

6. Geotag your posts for increased exposure

Geotagging your posts is another way to get more followers on Instagram in Australia. If you are taking photos at different tourist attractions or events in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide, be sure to tag the location so that anyone browsing through hashtags related to that activity can find your content easily. You can also geotag the place where you live if you want other users around the area to see what it’s like where you live. There are many ways to use geolocation tags for your Instagram account.

7. Use Australian Instagram influencers to promote your account

Using influencers to promote your account is a great way to gain Australian followers on Instagram in Australia. You can contact people who have large followings that are suitable for your business or product, and ask them if they would be interested in posting about it on their profile. Some bloggers might even want to do a collaborative post with you- getting both of your accounts connected at the same time! When working with bloggers or influencers, make sure you choose someone whose target audience aligns well with the things that you’re promoting so that you get quality attention, which will lead to an increase in followers on Instagram.

8. Create a branded hashtag for your Australian business

We’re sure you’ve heard about using hashtags on Instagram to gain followers, but creating your own branded hashtag is a great way to get even more increased exposure. When users click on the hashtag they will be directed to other posts which use that tag – if they like what they see it will lead them back to your profile too! Create unique and original hashtags so that yours stands out from the rest of them.

9. Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

You can promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms to gain more followers. For example, if you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, go into your settings and link it to your Instagram profile so that when people follow you on the former they get automatically followed by the latter too. That way your Facebook followers and Twitter followers can become your Instagram followers too, and vice versa. By linking all of your social media profiles together like this, you’ll get even more traffic to come across all of your profiles at once – which will lead to an increase in Australian followers for all of them. You can also use social media marketing services and Instagram services that can do this for you if you are not too tech-savvy. This will help to boost your Instagram marketing efforts, improve your brand image and get more real followers and active followers ony our account.

10. Buy Instagram followers from Australia

I know that this is a debated subject, but it’s a fact that tens of thousands of Australian businesses buy Instagram followers from Australia to boost their followers count and look more popular. It’s the fastest and quickest way to boost your brand image quickly and gain social proof. Just use this method in moderation as it could lower your engagement stats in the future.

If you are wondering how to buy Instagram followers, here’s more information below. Also, before you buy, make sure to compare various service providers, and read this review of the best site to buy Instagram followers in Australia.

Don’t forget that this is just a quick trick, 99% of the work that needs to be done to gain Australian Instagram followers is included in the other 9 steps of this blog post.

How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram in Australia?

Buying 500 Australian Instagram followers will cost around $20, and 10k Australian followers cost around $150. This is the price for real followers, genuine followers, and active followers that can give you Instagram likes, Instagram video views, and Instagram comments, and share your Instagram posts with their friends. Some sites sell fake followers with fake accounts for cheaper but we don’t recommend using those as they can get deleted quickly by the Instagram algorithm. Buying followers on Instagram is safe and legal, and it’s a great way to increase the exposure of your Instagram profile as well as increase engagement rates so that you start getting organic followers too.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Yes. Buying Instagram followers is safe, as explained in this blog post from Hollywood Gazette. You can buy followers safely and you won’t get your Instagram account banned, ever.

Is buying Instagram followers illegal?

No. It’s not illegal to buy Instagram followers. It is completely legal. More information about this can be found at this link:

These are 10 effective ways to get more Instagram followers from Australia

If you follow these 10 tips, then you will be able to get more Instagram followers in Australia within no time! While gaining exposure online will require some effort, whether you choose to buy Instagram followers Australia or not, the potential exposure that comes with increased follower count is well worth it! Now that you know how to get more Australian followers on Instagram from Australia, choose an option and start growing your account.

We hope these tips have helped you learn how to use social media marketing to improve your business or product’s exposure on Instagram in Australia.

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