The gambling industry has always been a controversial industry to talk about. But while we are not noticing, it is that the industry is not only pulling in billions but also they are slowly moving forward and evolving; all the while, we are looking down upon it. We look down upon it because the gambling industry is full of criminal activity and addiction.

The first casino opened in 1638 in Venice, Italy. A very limited amount of games were offered there. They had a few blackjack tables, Poker and roulette. Some may argue that beauty lies within simplicity. Others say it was outright too little to be called an actual casino. 

Whatever you want to call it, one thing is for certain a lot of money was gambled there.

It is 100% true that scenarios like money laundering and fraud were a daily thing.  Also, people did become quite addicted, and some lost everything, their house, their car in one evening. When a player was a little too lucky one night, the manager or the owner of the casino might suspect the player is cheating and did everything to make that player pay back everything and ban them from the establishment. And when I say “did everything”, I mean everything. Violence, crimes and blackmailing were all part of that. 

How are the regulations today? 

In today’s day and age, you’ll never find nightmare scenarios like that happening anymore in licensed and popular casinos. Currently, the government works extremely closely with casinos to ensure the safety of the players, and they do take note of every penny leaving or coming into the place. Some go as far as saying that casinos are pretty much government-owned.

Online, crypto and mobile casinos

As the online gambling industry is worth around 320 Billion USD, you can see why a lot of business owners want to jump into the industry to get their slice of that 320 billion. 

As of late, we have seen Online, and cryptocurrency casinos become a thing. 

Another noteworthy one is the rise of mobile casinos. This offers the comfort of playing casino literally everywhere with an internet connection. Mobile casinos come with all the benefits of playing on an online casino. However, as this is quite a new field, not every mobile casino out there is created equal. That’s why using a comparison website or an index of different casinos ranked is the way to go to find a good and legit mobile casino. Like on this site, they have listed the best mobile casinos. A place like this is perfect to start if you want to go smart about this. 

What’s in it for us casino players in the future? 

The future of online casinos is looking really bright, with developers constantly working to bring players the best experience; it is looking really good. Since a lot of people realised that there is a lot of money in this industry, they all jumped on it and wanted to make it better and more fun. So this is good news for us players.

It’s a very good thing that the government is here to protect us and look after us with certain laws and regulations. However, it does seem to limit the growth of the industry a bit. It’s hard to tell if we are going to see drastic changes or slow changes in the future. It is believed that it would be the latter of the two. 

What do you require to play mobile casino?

Any phone that you can access the internet with is able to run an online casino. However, the app of the casino might only be able to download on devices that are not too old. Graphically, as we said, developers are busy optimising those and improving those on a daily basis, so you can assume that your phone can run it.