As internet speed, server space, and other technologies have improved, so did the quality of live streaming.   Thanks to casino streaming players can have a more interactive and personalized experience. Unlike broadcasting, which is very similar, this approach to communication gives viewers some sort of agency or ability to express how they feel.  Here we will focus on online casino streaming, or how gambling websites leverage this technology to improve the quality of their service.

Live Dealer Games

One of the most apparent changes, brought about by this technology, is live streaming online casino games, or live dealer games. This is a really interactive and authentic experience that used to be limited to a handful of gambling sites. Today players expect to see this content on pretty much any internet casino.  Usually, there are a few table games that have a live dealer option:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps

However, many operators have other content that relies on this technology. Based on the materials, every best payout online casino in Canada has a live game section and it is filled with a huge variety of choices for everybody.

There are luck-based games like Wheel of Fortune that really look like a TV show. The reason they are more entertaining is that the viewers can comment, react, and place bets.

Live Bets

Another innovation that is very popular is live streaming casino online betting. Many sportsbook operators offer live betting options, and this is an amazing way to make any sports match more exciting. Moreover, you can watch the game from your PC or smartphone if you have an account on gambling sites that have a live bet option.  A famous operator that features both live dealer and live betting is 888 casino, and it is one of the biggest brands in the iGaming industry.  Once again, this is a feature that used to be restricted and expensive, but now more operators can afford it. In other words, it’s pretty common to see it in reputable sportsbooks.

Gambling Content Creators

Thanks to casino streaming, new gambling enthusiasts are joining in and giving intranet gambling a shot. This technology has done wonders for fans of poker, slots, blackjack, and other games. There are streaming online platforms like twitch where people create content in real-time and interact with their viewers. It used to be only for video games, but now there are categories for gambling fans as well.

This is also a great way for players to earn some extra cash, as they can promote brands during their streams and receive donations from viewers. It’s also more entertaining to make plays based on what people in the chat say. This way everyone feels included, and they all share that sense of triumph whenever the player wins. Additionally, people simply get to talk about the hobby they all like.

Finally, you don’t have to delete your content once you are done with streaming, you can save it and edit it. This is why a lot of these streaming sessions end up as YouTube videos. Today there is more gambling content than ever on YouTube, and there are lots of popular channels that explore all sorts of casino-related topics. Viewers can actually pick up some useful insights just from watching and listening to expert players.

Target Marketing 

Streaming also opens up new marketing opportunities. Instead of advertising on expensive traditional channels, operators can reach out to players who stream. This way they can offer them money to play on their website and show the viewers what that operator has to offer. Sure there aren’t as many viewers as there are during a famous TV show, but the people seeing this commercial are genuinely interested in it. In other words, this isn’t about brand awareness, this is a type of marketing that can easily lead to instant conversion and returns.  Moreover, it’s a lot cheaper for the operator, which is why new online casinos often choose this approach.


Nowadays lots of industries have figured out how to take advantage of streaming technology, one of them is the gambling industry. As you can see streaming has done a lot for the iGaming industry and definitely made it better. It’s easier for operators to reach their target audience, it made gambling entertainment more accessible, and it even led to the creation of new games. Overall that is a significant contribution, and it will be interesting to see how streaming will be used in the future.