Kindle is the original and still a market leader in the e-reader space. The company continues to improve the hardware as well as access to reading materials and user experience. The latest addition to this hardware collection is the 2022 Kindle.

The device has a number of key improvements over previous models, including:

  • Higher resolution (300 ppi) on the 6″ screen, making it easier on your eyes and more paper-like
  • USB-C Charging
  • HUGE battery life of up to 6 weeks
  • 16GB of storage, enough for thousands of books
  • Adjustable lighting to make it easier for you to use in any environment and lighting conditions

One of the questions I get asked about using a Kindle is, essentially, why; specifically, why use a Kindle when you’ve got access to the same things through a web interface, phone or tablet? The answer is simple, it’s distraction-free. The device is there to provide you access to the book and nothing else. You’re not getting constant notifications or interruptions to your reading and relaxation time. The sentiment echoed by Patrick Walker, Country Manager for Amazon Devices ANZ:

The beauty of Kindle is its simplicity as a dedicated device for distraction-free reading; tune out messages, emails and social media and get lost in your story,

When it comes to stories, there are plenty to choose from on the Kindle store. Millions of books from any genre you prefer, as single books or subscription-based options such as Kindle Unlimited. It’s not just the reduced physical space of the Kindle vs books that make this sustainable. The new Kindle is made from 90% recycled magnesium. The cover contains 99% wood fibre-based materials, and the packaging will undoubtedly be near or completely recyclable.

The new Kindle is available for pre-order now on the Amazon Kindle site for $179.00, or sale starting October 12th in the usual retail outlets. If you’re a user who always adds a cover, they’re available in Black, Rose, Denim, and Dark Emerald, priced at $49.95.

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amazon australia should start selling the fire tv cube 4k

and the fire tablets

they are going to release fire tv cube 4k max this year with wifi 6 and av1 codec

Paul Warner

I bought a Fire Tablet last year. Never again. Worse item I ever bought . Gave it to the grandkids. Fire TV yes pleaze


Why does a Kindle need to be any more powerful though? It’s not like it does more strenuous things on newer models, it’s just the same thing.


Its not more powerful at all. Thats just the headline Ausdroid decided to use for whatever reason.


kindle tablet is so useless

buy ipad or any android tablet

it will be full tablet with these reading capabilities


Thanks for your opinion, but it is completely unrelated to my comment.