The industry of online gambling is well-known and widespread around the globe. Australia is not an exception. Even more, Aussies like spending their spare time visiting online casinos.

This fact has prompted us to look at the Australian gambling area in terms of statistics and numbers. We collected the most interesting facts on this sphere that continues to increase its popularity. So, we will delve into these facts about Australia that will definitely surprize you.

Nearly 83 percent of adult Australians like gambling

According to different investigations, Australia takes one of the leading places among countries with a high rate of casino players. Approximately four-fifth of the adult population of this country visits online casino Australia hoping to become a winner.

When it comes to gambling income in Australia, we can say that this sum is equal to 590 million dollars that estimate to the economy of this country. It is connected with the fact that Aussie players cannot seem to feel enough.

Lotto is a top game for Aussies

It is a known fact that Australians are crazy about lotto games. Some numbers for comparison. Some years ago a special American lotto jackpot of 1.5 billion dollars became available to players from Australia. In that time, more than 100,000 participants signed it up within a few hours. So, Australians are true fans of lotteries.

There are numerous lotto games accessible on different days of a week. For instance, you can enjoy them on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. Probably, the most famous of all these games is Oz Lotto. Its usual payouts are nearly 20 million dollars, the biggest current jackpot in Australia. As for the biggest lotto jackpot in Australian history, it was equal to 160 million dollars. It is head-spinning, is not it?

What is interesting, news about the latest lotto winners can be found in newspapers, TV programs, or websites in the section of gambling news such as you can read at

Pokies – Australian casino activity #1

It is difficult to find a person who has never heard about pokies. These gambling machines are everywhere. Australians can dive into this gambling game in pubs, hotels, or clubs. And we do not mention casinos!

There is no wonder of such unbelievable popularity. They bring players a lot of fun and positive emotions. Moreover, pokie games are easy to play. No need to learn long rules or look for a special strategy.

According to gambling statistics in Australia, the annual amount of pokie bets is around 24 billion dollars. Imagine only! This head-spinning sum is collected during one year!

In addition, Australia is a country where you can find various online casinos. So, players from this country adore gambling pokies online. It is much more convenient and simpler than going somewhere for this purpose.

Gambling presents business for tourists

Except for Australian citizens, the annual budget of this country is replenished by international tourists. It is nearly 150 million dollars every year.

Numerous foreign players come from Asian countries which are located nearby Australia. Their gambling laws are stricter or totally forbid gambling actions. So, they like visiting Australia.

Number of Australian casinos

As Australia is a country of gambling, there are approximately 1800 casinos there. They attract visitors by various activities such as sportsbooks, betting stores, pokie machines, and other casino games. Experts say that such a great number of casinos is connected with the rich and long history of Australian sports and culture. As you can see, there is no problem to find a place for gambling activities in the amazing country of Australia.