Update: And we’re done for another 2 weeks.. Podcast should be up on Friday 🙂

Are you ready to have your minds blown with casual banter and the occasional bit of news, or vice versa? We will be live tonight at 8PM AEST. It will be our second Ausdroid Podcast where we’ll cover some of the week’s news in a bit of detail, oh yeah, as usual we’ll be streaming it live to USTREAM so you can listen in and give us your input on some of the topics.

The Podcast team will consist of Lucas, Buzz, Scott & Irwin. If things don’t go smoothly, that’s just normal :). Live stream and chat is ready after the break.

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    It’s near on a week after the stream and still no download link.
    What’s happening?

    Lucas Burnett

    Hey Jeniskunk, Easter happened 🙁 I’ve been super busy and haven’t had a chance to edit the audio. Link should be up tomorrow, sorry for the huge delay.