It’s been leaked, talked about, photographed and video taped. It’s the handset with possible the best codename ever, it’s the newly unveiled Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it’s pretty neat. How neat you ask? You will have to hit the break and give your eyes a taste of the goods. So, if your game and your ready for to expand your brain, jump in and hold on, because, as always, this ride is not for the neat freaks.

Hit the break for the goods.

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Geoff Fieldew, Irwin Proud, Daniel Tyson and Buzz Moody popped in a bit later.


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    I’m not familiar with the guys in the podcast but I find it AWESOME that the one guy chooses his phones on his pub habits. 


    Hi Guys, can you bump the volume up of the podcast? Your podcast is very very very soft compared to other podcasts I listen to and have to crank the volume to the max to hear you!

    Dennis Bareis

    Hi, I  like the podcast which I listen to every episode but I’m afraid I agree wiith “Matt Booth” (even though he may no longer do so), I listened to the whole thing and freeing up memory was not mentioned, something like clearing up UI space was. Just because a site or two says something doesn’t make it true. Anyway I listen to a lot of podcasts and your intro music is set at a reasonable (perhaps slightly too high) level but then the rest of the podcast is very silent, I have to really crank up the volume.  I… Read more »

    Dennis Bareis

    Rather than argue some more I googled “android emulator” and found via the SDK I can create “.AVD” images and run ICS on my windows machine.  Thats about all I have time for today but a very quick test shows that if I dismiss the messenging app and then select it again its state was lost suggesting it had been terminated and not simply removed from the list.


    Swiping an app from the multitasking panel doesn’t close/quit the app.

    Buzz Moody

    Yes it does.

    Matt Booth

    I’m pretty sure I read that it only removes the notification, not closes the app.

    Matt Booth

    I take that back, Buzz may be right. Check this:
    “10:30PM Now, you can flick any of those
    apps off to the side to free up memory — yes, it’s a task manager, but
    it looks nice. They didn’t blow it.”

    Buzz Moody

    Why must you ever doubt me? 😉


    replying to your engadget comment below, this is engadgets wording not googles wording…… watch the video and listen to the wording


    Wrong buzz, they never said it closes the application, they said its removed from the recent list…… at this stage there is no proof to say it does close it, and none to say it does. All we can go on is the wording.

    Buzz Moody

    Wrong level380,

    “Update: Google misinformed us — swiping away an app does more than just remove it from the list. It turns out it is killing some background processes, etc.”


    Well to be fair, based on the information google released at the event (ie said!) I was correct. You based your original comment on incorrect info provided by engadget, which may have turned out to be correct in the long run. But in all fairness, this isn’t what google said during the release and engadget has a bad track record of getting this wrongs, in this case another ‘wrong’ fact turned out to be correct for them!

    Buzz Moody

    I never based it off information off Engadget, I didn’t read any of their Galaxy Nexus stuff, I prefer This is my next which is where I saw the above quote.