So a few people have contacted me for some extra stuff they want to know about the Telstra HTC Desire, so thank you to those guys for writing it. If you have anything you want me to try out or any questions you want answered. Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I have been given the HTC Desire to review free of charge. These comments are all my own doing, I am in no way flattering Telstra.

So hit the “Read more” button to get into it!


  • A: What’s the best browser? Rendering time, Flash, Javascript, Caching, etc..
  • Q: I have 5 browsers installed to test:

    • Dolphin Browser HD
      • Multitouch
      • Allows you to fake being a Desktop or iPhone
      • Gestures
      • Themes
    • Internet – Default
      • Multitouch
      • Allows you take fake being a Desktop
      • Flash Lite 4
      • Google Translate, Dictionary & Wikipedia integration
    • Skyfire
      • Pseudo Flash
      • Allows you to fake being a Desktop or iPhone
      • Multitouch
    • xScope Lite
      • Cool UI – Looks like Chrome
      • Multitouch
      • Allows you to fake being a Desktop or iPhone
      • Themes
    • Opera Mini 5 beta
      • Fast, thanks to it’s Image Quality settings
      • Very sleek UI
      • No Multitouch
      • Stiff scrolling

    Now I had each of the browsers run this test, to see how long it takes to render (yes, all browsers hava Javascript & Caching, some better than others).

    • Dolphin Browser HD: 14.22 seconds
    • Internet – Default: 16.675 seconds
    • Skyfire: 18.841 seconds
    • xScope Lite: 24.485 seconds
    • Opera Mini 5 beta: 2.146 seconds

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  • Q: What’s the best RSS Reader? Google reader sync? Cache XML for offline reading
  • A: I currently use NewsRob which syncs directly with your Google Reader account and pulls down all your feeds and caches all the XML so you can read the feeds offline. It also has tons of settings for you to play around with. The pro version unlocks all the features including a widget for the homescreens :).

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  • Q: What’s the better of the Social Networking apps for both Twitter & Facebook?
  • A: There are way too many to give you an idea of all of them, but I will list the ones for Twitter, as the offical MySpace & Facebook apps are the best for their networks.
    Twitter Apps:

    • Twitter (Official)
    • Touiteur
    • Tweetcaster
    • Twidroid
    • Seesmic

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  • Q: Is there any issues when switching from WiFi to 3G and vice versa? I hear it sometimes doesn’t connect.
  • A: Although I have never had this problem myself, I do know some people do have it. Mine takes maybe a minute and half (at most!) to go from 3G to WiFi depending on reception.

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  • Q: What’s the User Interface like when updating/installing an Application from the Android Market?
  • A: Funny you should ask, as I actually have 3 apps that need updating. See the screenshots & captions below to see for yourself how to go about it.

    This notification will pop up in your Notifications Bar. Pressing on it will take you to the Market

    It will then show you the apps the need updating (''Update available'' in orange). Pressing on one of the apps will take you to the next step.

    Pressing on the button that says ''Update'' will lead you to the next step of the updating process

    It will then ask you if you want to replace the old application with the new one

    The Application will them download and install itself

    Once installed this notification will come up in the Notifications Bar. All done!

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  • How many Applications can you install on it?
  • A: The Desire has 100MB to install Applications on. This would equate to around 33 Applications if they are 3MB each. Which isn’t a lot at all, but with the upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) later in the year, you will be able to install some apps on to the SD Card to save internal space.

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  • Q: Find a game that requires input and see what happens. Aiming a weapon, etc
  • A: I have a few games on my Desire that require multiple types of input. For example Wings of Steel, it’s flying combat game. So you can fly by using the accelerometer (literally moving the device to turn) and pressing on the screen to shoot. I also have another game called ToonWarz. It requires Multitouch to play. So you can Strafe with one finger, shoot with another and use the accelerometer to turn left & right as well as up and down.

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  • Q: Will you be rooting your Telstra Desire after the two weeks?
  • A: Hell yes. For many reasons, but the number one will be to get rid of these stupid Bigpond Applications. Seriously, I can’t tell you enough how useless they are.

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I hope that answered a few of your questions. I am more than willing to answer a few more in the comments below. Alternatively you can head over to Telstra Exchange and ask your questions there.

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Any idea when the proxy apps or the next major upgrade (which should have a porxy app) will be available for the Desire? Desperate


Just wondering if you guys think Telstra will get a 6 month exclusive on upcoming HTC’s?

and if Virgin or Optus will stock them?

I’ve been to all the carriers website and it seems only Vodafone and Telstra are the only companies with HTC’s? Is this just because There hasn’t been a HTC for a while and Telstra exclusive the latest one?


Hi James Virgin gets its stock from Optus so they can only get HTC’s if Optus starts getting them again. Like you i’m waiting for Virgin to get with the program. I have contacted virgin many times and have even resorted to posting on their facebook!/memberslounge . Also i would like to start a petition.


hi there,
when is Froyo (android 2.2) for HTC DESire handsets from Telstra going to be available?



Hello 🙂
When does the exclusive offer for Telstra end? I want this phone but I hate Telstra.


not for a while i’m afraid, pretty sure it was a 6 month exclusive.


Hmmm… DO you know when Optus, Voda, and virgin will be getting the Desire? :/
I really do not want to be on Telstra since I’m currently with Optus.


Yep – 6 month exclusive.

Funny that you want to avoid Telstra – I’m looking to sell my 2 month old Desire running official 2.2 so that I can move to Telstra! Contact me on @CPKHarris on Twitter if you’re interested.



I was under the impression the Android Market is not yet open to Australian developers. Is this correct?


Is it possible to remove all the Telstra jargon aka in phone logos, bigpond settings, telstra settings and so on?


is there an equivalent ALT-TAB in android? I have heard there is apps for this?

I know on my nokia i can hold down a button and it lists all running applications and I can go to which ever i want.

Tia Porter

Holding the home button on my phone shows the 6 latest apps opened, which should be the same for most if not all android phones.


Install AltTabApps – it sits in the notification area and enables quicker switching between running Tasks. It also has a bookmark and apps feature but I don’t use those.


How do you take screenshots?


Whoa and I just looked at those browser speeds. I’m taking a wild guess that I might want Opera! But do I understand you right that some of them don’t do Flash at all?


Fair enough. Opera sounds good to me since I mainly want to read text-centric blogs on the go. And Froyo should solve the problem soon enough.


Are there any implications to obtaining root access on the phone? Warranty voiding or such like? It’s easy enough to google the instructions on how to do it.


is the smoothness and sensitivity of touchscreen better than iphone? i can feel not really smooth when scrolling the home page


Good article i wonder if Telstra has taken any notice of your reviews and if that might make them think twice about putting undeletable telstra apps on future phones.


Hey Buzz good article.

What is the name of the folder app you have in the Browsers screenie??? It looks great!