In the age of digital file sharing we’re always on the lookout for a newer, cleaner, more effective way to share our legally acquired files with each other. Here’s another one that could save you stress and potentially a bit of money!

Let me explain: Many ISP’s have peak/offpeak plans which leads to customers leaving their PCs on overnight to make use of this offpeak data that is at their disposal. Even with offpeak power rates this can end up being a costly adventure for people to have their PCs on overnight for extended periods of time. Now I ask you…

Do you ever (let alone just overnight) turn your phone off? I don’t, it’s plugged in and charging which means that I’d be using power anyway so I put it to good use.

tTorrent Pro is a fantastic option for many Android users, as long as you have space on your phone or (for those of you with a phone that supports it) a Micro SD Card. There’s settings for networking coming out the wazoo that allow you to customize your setup such as:

  • Unlimited download speed (lite version has restricted download speed)
  • Download only when on WiFi
  • Web browser integration
  • IP Filterting

This certainly doesn’t cover the full list of options that are availalble for tTorrent Pro, in fact the full list of options basically would be a post on it’s own.

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of this app!

Something else that really impresses me is that the developer is extremely responsive via email and receptive to ideas to improve the app as long as they’re constructive. In my conversations with the developer, they have asked that I make note of the fact that they’re still actively developing this app which I can certainly vouch for.

Not that I’m usually into doing such things but if I had to score this app (say in a Play Store review) I’d offer them only the fourth 5 star review that I’ve ever put in the play store. It really boils down to this for me:

  1. Great app
  2. Clean & easy to use/understand interface
  3. Responsive developer
  4. Happy customers

There’s nothing else left to say other than, Well done 3d Magic for this one – I’d certainly recommend tTorrent Pro for anyone that wants or needs a torrenting option on their phone.

Source: Play Store.
Thanks: 3d Magic LLC.


    1. Im a huge fan of this too. It does look a lil dated…but i found this much faster to dowload with as well as advanced proxy options