Droidax are at it again with a new, slimmer EzyCover wireless charging accessory for the Galaxy SIII. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a big fan of Droidax and their accessories, but this type of device accessory is exactly why I love their work.

I reviewed the Droidax EzyCharge a while back, and the only real issue I had with it was the size. This issue was offset somewhat by the bonus battery built into the wireless charging receiver – giving with one hand while taking with the other. It boiled down to size and weight vs wireless charging convenience. This time around they’ve answered these concerns, without compromising the functionality of the Galaxy S III.

Droidax’s new EzyCover is a rear cover replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that simply charges the device wirelessly from their charging pad. There’s little to no extra weight, and only a few millimetres difference in the thickness of your device after fitting the new case, although this slight increase in dimensions might make your phone incompatible with your existing case. Day to day, you’re not going to notice any difference in the weight of your phone. You will certainly notice a slightly different shape, but nothing that’s a total deal breaker.


  • Wireless Charging
  • Color matches stock Galaxy S3 face
  • Cost falls right in the “reasonable” range for most users
  • Cover is Wireless Qi Compatible
  • Did I mention wireless charging?


  • A bit of extra thickness on the device (about 4mm if my measurements are correct)
  • Doesn’t have the bonus battery life that the powerpack from Droidax does
  • The plastic is softer than stock battery cover, making it susceptible to scratching
  • Need to buy the EzyCharge pad separately ($59.95)


In looking for positives, do we need to go any further than wireless charging? The cover is rather sexy, it’s the future, and let’s be honest… wireless charging has so many convenience factors that it’s hard to let go of it once you’ve had a taste.

The cover makes your phone Qi-compatible, and the EzyCharge pad allows you to charge other wireless Qi devices. It’s a win/win situation if you’re looking to stay in the wireless charging arena with your future devices.


My biggest concern is that the EzyCover’s plastic seems a bit soft. In day to day use, I’ve managed to get some noticeable scratches on it despite the fact that I’m trying to take care with my phone.

Some people won’t like the extra thickness, but for me the convenience of wireless charging outweighs this – a few mm difference in size doesn’t bother me. After all, bigger is ALWAYS better – right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve had a few people ask if the phone gets hot while charging. In short: No. It does get warm when you’re charging for a long time, though it isn’t so warm that it’s uncomfortable to hold or put into your pocket. You’ll notice the warmth for a few moments, then it’s gone. While it’s noteworthy, I don’t feel that it’s a problem.


As an add-on accessory for wireless charging, it’s not unreasonable at $29.95 but when adding this to a charging pad or 2 you’re suddenly looking at over $100 in accessories. If that’s in your price range, this wireless charging setup is certainly worth the investment for the convenience it offers.

Overall, I have to say “bravo” to Droidax – they’ve gone back to the drawing board with the feedback from their previous products, and come back with a great device in a niche but growing market. Keep an eye on their website, I’m sure there’s more funky stuff to come.

On a very brief and personal note I’d like to thank Droidax for their generous donation of several PortaCharge units to the Little Heroes Foundation.

Order Online

  • EzyCover – $29.95
  • EzyCharge Pad – $59.95
  • Droidax offers free shipping for Australian orders over $20
Thanks: Droidax.
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Stephen Crisafulli

I went and bought one and I can say that it dose work with a Nexus 4. It just needs to be placed with the top of the phone touching the curve of the light at the top and it will slide about but i put some padding to hold it in place.

Avon Perera

Wait a minute… I thought the GS3 was touted to have wireless charging built in? Whatever happened to the wireless charging dock for it?

Stephen Crisafulli

Can you test the pad with the Nexus 4? (unlike the so call qi compatable nokia charger that sort of works with the N4). I’ll take any wireless charging pad its just a bastard to find em

Jason Murray

Seems the problem with the Nokia charger is likely to be the Nexus 4’s fault. Rev 12 hardware (which doesn’t seem to have hit Australian shores yet) is the first version of the Nexus 4 that’s been given the tick by the Qi certification group. First batch from November was Rev 10, Harvey Norman seems to be selling Rev 11. Qi Consortium says pre-Rev-12 models are OK but known to have issues with Nokia’s charger. Some of us at Ausdroid are also finding quirks with other devices. Not sure if Phil has a Nexus 4 to test it on at… Read more ยป